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All fees include 8% VAT.

Apprecentices and students receive 10% reduction if valid ID is presented (apply up to 25 years).

Skin analysis

Skin analysis CHF 85.-
Skin analysis  before treatment  CHF 60.-

Facial treatments

Basic facial treatment
Cleansing, peel, serum, mask, finishing and a light day makeup
CHF 90.-

facial treatment  
Cleansing, peel, manual deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, serum, mask, face and décolletage massage, finishing and a light day makeup
CHF 130.-

Oxygen treatment
Cleansing, papaya and pineapple enzyme peel, manual deep cleansing, herbal stem-cell concentrate, eyebrow shaping, facial lymphatic drainage, oxygen-enriched facial mask, tinted moisturising cream with sun protection factor and a light day makeup
CHF 160.-

Anti-aging treatment
Cleansing, fruit-acid peel, manual deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, serum, face and décolletage massage, special mask, finishing and a light day makeup  
CHF 170.-

Premium treatment

Cleansing, microdermabrasion, manual deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, application of various active ingredient concentrates with ultrasonic waves, face and décolletage massage, mask, finishing and a light day makeup
CHF 190.-

Extras for facial treatments

Ultrasonic treatment | Peeling, moisture penetration, introduction of active ingredients CHF 25.-
Ultrasonic treatment | Vitalisation CHF 25.-
Ultrasonic treatment | Wrinkle treatment CHF 25.-
Fruit-acid peel   price starting from CHF 25.-
Microdermabrasion CHF 40.-
Special mask CHF 20.-
Radio-frequency face   10 to 15 min CHF 50.-

Acne cleasing

Facial lymphatic drainage CHF 55.-
Cleansing   price at cost
CHF    90.- to 140.-
Back CHF 85.-
Cleansing with lymphatic drainage CHF 140.-


Microdermabrasion including facial mask CHF 120.-

Chemical peel

Chemical peel CHF   135.- to 180.-


Entire face CHF 250.-
Several facial zones CHF 180.-
Single facial scars or wrinkles price at cost
Treatment regimen, entire face or several facial zones price on request

Mesotherapy face

Vital Injector™
per zone: forehead, eye area, cheeks, mouth area, neck or décolletage CHF 195.-
Treatment regimen per zone price on request
Entire face CHF 350.-


Entire face CHF 250.-
Lower eyelid CHF 100.-
Neck or décolletage CHF 200.-
Both back of the hand CHF 200.-

Mesotherapy body

Vital Injector™
per zone: upper abdomen, lower abdomen, inner or outer thighs CHF 195.-
Treatment regimen per zone price on request

Radio-frequency face

Neck or décolletage, incl. mask CHF 115.-
Neck and décolletage incl. mask CHF 230.-
Entire face, without mask CHF 210.-
Entire face, incl. mask CHF 230.-
Treatment regimen price on request

Radio-frequency body

Single session, 30min CHF 130.-
Single session, 60min CHF 230.-
Treatment regimen, 30min / 60min price on request

Pigmentation marks

Cosmelan® incl. care products CHF 1'100.-

Eyelashes and brows

Eyelash tinting  during treatment CHF 30.-
CHF 45.-
Eyebrow tinting  during Treatment CHF 20.-
CHF 30.-
Eyelash and brow tinting
CHF 55.-
Eyebrow shaping  during treatment CHF 0.-
CHF 30.-
Eyebrow tinting & shaping CHF 45.-
Eyelash & brow tinting & shaping CHF 60.-


Day makeup CHF 65.-
Evening makeup CHF 85.-
Bridal makeup, including trial session CHF 170.-
Makeup consultation CHF 150.-

Manicure and pedicure

Manicure CHF 75.-
Quick manicure CHF 45.-
French manicure CHF 85.-
Pedicure CHF 80.-

Hair removal with wax

Bikini CHF 40.-
Underarms CHF 40.-
Lower leg CHF 60.-
Entire leg   price at cost CHF    85.- to 115.-
Lower leg & bikini & underarms CHF 115.-
Entire leg & bikini & underarms   price at cost CHF    130.- to 145.-
Entire arm CHF 60.-
Lower arm CHF 40.-
Back / chest   price at cost CHF    60.- to 80.-
Face CHF 40.-
Upper lip  during treatment CHF 10.-
CHF 20.-
Chin  during treatment CHF 10.- CHF 20.-


Single hairs   per minute CHF 3.50

Cellulite treatment

Arosha body wraps. We recommend a treatment regimen of 6 to 10 sessions. CHF 90.-


Back massage CHF 55.-
Classic body massage CHF 140.-