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The microneedling method has been used for years as a gentle and safe procedure for firming the skin, improving complexion and treating scars. Medical microneedling involves the use of numerous tiny needles to penetrate the outer layer of skin (epidermis/dermis), thereby inducing the self-healing process of the skin to form new collagen, elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid. These are precisely the factors responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the connective tissue. Already after the first treatment, the skin appears firmer, younger and fresher.

The microneedling treatment is performed with the eDermastamp®. The eDermastamp® allows for continuous penetration of micro-needles at 150 cycles per second with a high-performance electric motor.

We recommend 3 treatments at 4-week intervals.


Entire face CHF 250.-
Several facial zones CHF 180.-
Single facial scars or wrinkles price at cost
Treatment regimen, entire face or several facial zones price on request